Best 5 Conair Foot Massagers You Can Buy In 2022 Reviews

Having a massager at your home or office has a lot of positive sides – for instance, you can rest and relax without paying a fortune to spa centers and professional masseurs. On top of that, you still get to soothe the muscles and rejuvenate the skin. So if you don’t have one of those massagers, scroll on and see why is everyone talking about Conair foot massagers.


Conair Succes Story

Conair is a USA company situated in Glendale Arizona, about 9 miles from Downtown Phoenix. They started their business back in the 1960s with an innovative new hair drier. Form there on the company expanded into a 2 billion dollar industry. Nowadays their product section consists of wellness and beauty products, as well as travel essentials and accessories.

Conair Body Benefits Foot Spa Line

When it comes to massagers – Conair specializes in heat therapy and foot spa. Conair Foot Spa line consists of 5 different massagers. All of them have their special traits and options so there is a perfect match for nearly anyone. Conair succeeded in making an affordable massager that relieves the tension and relaxes the user.

Welcome To The World Of Conair Relaxation

Conair Body Benefits Line Of Massagers

Conair Foot Spa With Soothing Vibration

No Splashing, No Leakage

This Conair foot massager is equipped with vibration and heat. Conair designers made this massager so that you can operate it easily with your toes. On top of the unit, there is a pinpoint massage attachment. The reservoir is deep and there are added guard nodes to ensure no splashing and leakage. Since safety should come first with massagers with water, Conair added a nonslip surface.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage

Foot Spa With Vibration & Heat

Conair massaging spa has added rollers which are not automatic, therefore you have to move your feet to get the massaging experience. The massaging rollers are removable. Conair massaging spa can be used with or without heating option, but it is important to say that the heating is only there to maintain the temperature of the added water. You can choose from cold, warm and hot water.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage review

Use To Pamper Your Feet After A Long Day

Conair foot spa with vibration & heat is recommended for anyone experiencing soreness in the feet. Conair suggests that the best way to reduce the tenderness is to ice the feet first, use the massager and then stretch the feet. The vibration option adds to the spa relaxation effect.


  • 5 x 14.6 x 16.6 inches
  • 8 pounds
  • Comes in white and lavender color
  • 6-foot cord

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa

Lights and Bubbles

This Conair spa massager has some extra properties if compared to the first one reviewed. With this one, you get heat, bubbles, and lights. To adjust and operate the functions just press one of the 3 buttons on top of the unit. All of the buttons are made as a toe-touch control.

Conair Waterfall Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Lights, Bubbles

3 Attachments & Loofag Discs

Conair added 3 attachments to this device: scrub brush, pumice stone, and a soft-touch massager to provide you everything necessary for a real spa experience. Moreover, the Conair Waterfall foot bath offers to smooth the skin with integrated exfoliating loofah discs – getting you that real spa pedicure experience

Conair Waterfall Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Lights, Bubbles review

Waterfall Foot Spa  – No Slipping Or Splashing

Conair waterfall foot spa unit has added rubber surface for the non-slip property. The tank high so that splashing will be reduced compared to other devices. Conair Waterfall foot spa is equipped with massaging rollers that are non-automatic. The heating function also exists to maintain the starting water temperature – not to heat it.


  • Colors available are purple and white
  • 6 x 13.5 x 16.5 inches
  • 5 pounds
  • With exfoliating loofah discs

Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa

Aerated Massaging Bubbles

This Conair Foot Spa is focused on the bubbles. On top of this massager, there is just a single button that controls it. Bubbles are produced by the 2 bubble strips that create aerated bubbles for the proper spa experience. Heating property is here also just to maintain the temperature of the added water.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles

Conair Relaxing Foot Spa With Bubbles

Conair relaxing spa footbath has a recognizable deep massage pinpoint. But with this massager, you get 3 interchangeable attachments for the pinpoint: arch massager, all-purpose massager, and a soft-touch massager.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles review

Simple And Safe

To ensure safety there is a non-slippery rubber surface. Also to prevent splashing this device has an added translucent splash guard with footrest. The feet of the massager are non-slip and provide stability for the massager. A manufacturer also added a line to mark the maximum water level.


  • Weights 1.1 pounds
  • 3 attachments
  • 2 bubble stripes to produce bubbles
  • Designed to prevent slipping and splashing
  • Comes in green and white color

Conair Foot – Pedicure Spa with Massage Bubbles

Pinpoint Massage For Deeply Soothing Effect

This model from the Conair Foot Spa line has heat, vibration, and bubbles. It has a characteristic Conair Body Benefit design with the massaging pinpoint protruding to the middle of the massager. Attachments for this Conair foot massager are single large node, double large node and a pinpoint mode.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massage Bubbles

Ergonomic Design For Complete Spa Experience

Conair has added a leg rest and a spot massage function with this model.  Just an important detail with this massager is that it doesn’t heat the water, it just keeps the warmth – therefore it causes a bit of an inconvenience if in a hurry for instance.

Conair Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massage Bubbles review

Versatile Massaging Foot Bath

You can expect to take off the weight off your feet with this Conair foot massager. Since the tank is deep, you can comfortably target also the lower calves. The manufacturer suggests putting essential oils or salt for the optimal relaxing effect.


  • 2 x 13.9 x 16.9 inches
  • Weights 5.25 pounds
  • 3 pedicure attachments
  • It can accommodate feet up to size 14 US
  • Comes in green and white color

Conair Heat Sense Heated Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa

Conair Deluxe Foot Spa

For this Conair foot spa with bubbles, massage & heat the massage rollers are available and can be put and taken off. They are not automatic, so you have to roll the feet to massage them. The simple design stayed the Conair signature move. There is a single button that is toe – operable, so there is no need to bend.

Conair Heat Sense Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massaging Foot Rollers

Heated Foot Bath

The heating with the latest Conair Spa is something completely different. This is the only Conair massager that has a heating sensor and can heat up the water up to 107 degrees F. The other properties are shared with the reviewed models. There are vibration and bubbles to soothe the tired feet.

Conair Heat Sense Foot SpaPedicure Spa with Massaging Foot Rollers review

Safety And User Experience

Conair body benefits foot spa massagers are all equipped with non-slippery rubber surfaces, including this one. The unit designed with a deep tank to prevent splashing. Conair deluxe foot spa seems perfect as a gift to your loved ones, especially for older people – since it’s so easy to use.


  • 7 x 14 x 16 inch
  • Weights 3.85 pounds
  • Toe touch control
  • Maximum 35 minutes to heat the water
  • Comes just in purple color

Conair Foot Massager User Manuals

Conair has a great website with a lot of manuals available there. They are brief and offer instructions and safety measures with all the details you need to know before starting the journey. Make sure you read it carefully before using the massager.

  • The manual for Conair foot bath with vibration & heat is available here
  • Conair pedicure massaging foot spa instruction manual is available here
  • Foot Spa with Vibration & Heat instructions manual and safety guide is available here

Conclusion – Foot Spa With Bubbles

To conclude the review I have to say the best Conair foot massager on the market is the later Foot Spa With Bubbles And Heat. It is the only that has a heat sensing technology and is able to heat the water no matter the starting temperature. Other properties it shares with its cousins, so there is vibration, bubbles, and ergonomic design.

Believe me when I say that finding a perfect foot massage device is not a simple job. Wheater you are looking for a heated foot massager or foot bath massager with heat the choice is overwhelming. For that reason, I try to analyze the devices and suggest the best ones. Here is one of my reviews about the best-rated foot massager.